Smart Speakers for Seniors

Smart Speakers for Seniors

As people get older, they may need help with various tasks, such as maintaining their independence and improving their mobility. Having a support system can help prevent them from falling and experiencing other health issues. A smart home can help with these issues by monitoring various aspects of an individual’s life, such as their home and its surroundings.

What is a Smart Speaker Assistant?

A digital assistant or smart speaker is a combination of a voice command device and a speaker that can be controlled using a Wi-Fi connection. The Amazon Echo and Google Home are smart speakers that provide answers to millions of questions. They also have the ability to make calls and perform other actions. These can vary in size and function depending on the commands they are given. When a user triggers a hot word or phrase, the device responds by saying “OK Google” “Alexa” or “Hey Siri”. It can then perform various commands. It can also connect to other smart home devices.

Why Should Seniors Consider a Smart Speaker?

With the help of digital assistants, older adults with various health conditions can get the help they need to keep their daily routines simple. Seniors can keep track of their activities and manage their schedules without having to go through multiple menus and passwords. It can also set routines and keep track of their notes. Having a set of routines and consistent reminders can help keep seniors feeling well and can help them take care of themselves. For instance, by greeting seniors with a news report or a gentle reminder to have breakfast, their assistants can help them take care of themselves.

Other Benefits of a Smart Assistant

Finding a Lost Phone.

Getting lost is a common occurrence for most of us. We usually misplace our cell phones at some point. A voice assistant can help us find our lost cell phone by making a call or playing a special tone. If the phone is within range, a notification with a sound will help you locate the phone. 

Setting Reminders. 

Being able to remind older adults when to take their medication is a useful feature of voice assistants. Many people end up in the hospital due to medication errors. With a voice assistant, an older adult can easily remember to take their medicine.

Getting News and Weather Updates

With a voice assistant, you can get weather updates before you head out. Some apps even allow you to ask questions about the weather, such as the predicted temperature. This is useful for older adults, as they might be more susceptible to experiencing weather-related ailments.

Play Music

You can play different types of music through the speaker, such as those from streaming services like Spotify and Pandora. You can also use it for YouTube videos and audio.

Wrapping Up

At The Gardens at Columbine, our team members and caregivers are dedicated to providing our residents with the best possible care. We are able to assist with various tasks such as housekeeping and preparing healthy meals. To learn more about our community, or to schedule a tour, contact us at (303) 973-5115.