5 Steps To Help Your Loved One Move Into Memory Care

5 Steps To Help Your Loved One Move Into Memory Care

Caring for someone with Alzheimer’s or any other memory-related conditions is often hard work. The thing with memory conditions with our elderly loved ones is that it never gets better. Sooner or later, you’ll have to make a tough decision.

You have discussed it, thought about it, or at the very least worried about it. Now the days are passing by and your loved one is almost moving to a memory care facility. And although there are many positive reasons to make this life-changing decision, there are a lot of emotions involved for all.

However, over the years of working with individuals and families facing this predicament, we have found 5 steps that can help in the transition to memory care.

Step 1. Explore all Memory Care Options Early Enough

As a caregiver for your loved one, you need to understand that people living with dementia often worry about when their care will become tiresome for people around them. As such, you should involve them in the plan for their care, for when they can no longer help.

During planning, you can deal with any concerns, fears, or reluctances together as a family, so that they do not feel neglected. You can use these early stages to understand what desires and preferences your loved ones might want.

For example, you can ask them to list down what they need to live well with dementia in a memory care facility or even at home.

Step 2. Have Open Conversations Leading Up to the Transition

Nobody likes uncomfortable subjects. Especially those involving moving your loved one to a memory care facility in Golden, Colorado. However, it is best to talk to your loved ones about what is going to happen and remind them of their important role in decision making. They have the right to know, and although it might be hard, it is better than coming as a surprise.

To make the discussion easier, you can consider involving doctors or physicians to make the news better received. But that is not all. Always remember to emphasize to your loved ones that they are still part of the family, just that they will be living in a different place.

Step 3. Make them Comfortable with their future surroundings

Since your loved one should be involved in choosing their preferred memory care facility, it is best to visit the list of places beforehand. You can arrange visits, and even enjoy a meal in the institution of choice or even spend the night through respite care.

Although most patients might never recall such events, respite care has proven effective in easing the process of settling into a new environment. It can also help develop relationships with doctors or other patients in memory care facilities.

Step 4. Make them a Home away from Home

Once your loved one is settled in, make sure to set up their apartment in a pattern similar to their old home. With some memory care institutions, you can work ahead of time on a floor plan that resembles home. You can even decorate the room with familiar items such as pictures of flowers in vases.

This similarity to home gives psychological comfort and supports a familiar routine that will eventually help your loved ones daily.

Step 5. Embrace All Feelings on the Day of Moving

Our memory care team is well prepared to receive you and your loved one on a moving day. However, we do understand that this is the hardest day for you and them. In some cases, your loved one might be reluctant, and might even refuse to get out of the car.

We advise that you should stay calm and allow them to share their feelings. You can even go through why this is an important decision for both you and your loved one. In our experience, any anger or resentment shown on a moving day is often dialed down once your loved one gets used to the new surroundings.

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The change to a memory care facility is never without challenges, But with support from memory care staff, and a positive outlook, you can help your loved one settle in sooner than later.

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